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March 12, 2024

How To Rent Your Property to Travel Nurses

The Canadian healthcare system thrives on the dedication of travel nurses. These highly skilled professionals bridge staffing gaps in hospitals and medical facilities across the country. For property owners, travel nurses present a unique opportunity to find reliable, responsible tenants with a strong track record of on-time rent payments. This guide will equip you with the knowledge and resources to successfully rent your property to travel nurses in Canada.

Why Rent to Travel Nurses?

Why Rent to Travel Nurses?

Travel nurses are in high demand, often working on short-term contracts (typically 3-6 months) in unfamiliar locations. This creates a need for furnished, flexible housing options. Here’s what makes them ideal tenants:

  • Reliable Income:  

Backed by stable healthcare institutions, travel nurses boast dependable income streams.

  • Short Leases: 

Their temporary assignments translate to predictable lease durations, minimizing vacancy periods.

  • Responsible Renters: 

Understanding the importance of maintaining a good reputation for future placements, travel nurses are known for taking excellent care of their accommodations.

What Travel Nurses Look for in Housing

What Travel Nurses Look for in Housing

To attract travel nurses, tailor your property to their specific needs. Here are some key considerations:

  • Furnished Accommodation: 

Travel nurses arrive with limited belongings, so a fully furnished space is essential. This should include furniture, bedding, linens, kitchenware, and basic appliances.

  • Flexible Lease Terms: 

Leases that align with contract lengths (typically 3-6 months) with month-to-month options are highly desirable.

  • Utilities Included: 

Covering utilities like electricity, water, internet, and cable simplifies budgeting for travel nurses.

  • Move-in Ready: 

Ensure the property is clean, well-maintained, and move-in ready to minimize the transition time for nurses.

  • Safe Neighborhood: 

A safe and secure neighborhood with easy access to amenities like grocery stores, laundry facilities, and public transportation is a major plus.

Preparing Your Property for Travel Nurses

Preparing Your Property for Travel Nurses

Once you understand travel nurse preferences, optimize your property to meet their expectations:

  • Furnishings: 

Invest in comfortable and functional furniture, including a bed, couch, dining table and chairs. Consider the layout and ensure there’s enough storage space for belongings.

  • Kitchen Essentials: 

Equip the kitchen with basic appliances like a stove, fridge, microwave, toaster, and coffee maker. Provide essential cookware, dishes, and utensils.

  • Linens and Towels: 

Include a fresh set of bed sheets, pillowcases, blankets, and bath towels for each tenant.

  • Internet and Cable: 

Reliable high-speed internet is crucial for travel nurses to stay connected for work and unwind during downtime. Consider offering basic cable TV for entertainment.

  • Laundry Facilities: 

In-suite laundry or access to nearby laundry facilities is a significant convenience for travel nurses.

Marketing Your Property to Travel Nurses

Marketing Your Property to Travel Nurses

With your property prepped, it’s time to connect with potential travel nurse tenants. Here are effective marketing strategies:

  • Travel Nurse Housing Platforms: 

Several online platforms cater specifically to connecting travel nurses with suitable housing. Consider listing your property on reputable platforms like Travel Nurse Houses. These platforms offer targeted marketing to travel nurses actively seeking accommodation.

  • Direct Outreach to Staffing Agencies: 

Contact travel nurse staffing agencies in your area and inquire about their preferred housing providers. Building relationships with these agencies can lead to a steady stream of qualified renters.

  • Online Marketplaces: 

Popular platforms like Kijiji and Facebook can also be effective for reaching travel nurses. Optimize your listing with clear descriptions, high-quality photos, and keywords relevant to travel nurse housing.

Setting Competitive Rent Rates

Setting Competitive Rent Rates

Finding the right balance between maximizing your income and attracting qualified tenants is key. Research prevailing rental rates in your area for furnished properties of similar size and location. Consider offering slight discounts for longer lease terms to incentivize extended stays.

Screening Potential Tenants

Screening Potential Tenants

Conducting thorough tenant screening is crucial to safeguard your property and ensure a smooth rental experience. Here are some steps to follow:

  • Verify Employment: 

Request proof of employment from the travel nurse, including a contract or letter from the staffing agency.

  • Reference Checks: 

Contact previous landlords and employers to gather references on the travel nurse’s rental history and work ethic.

  • Credit Check: 

Consider running a credit check to assess the tenant’s financial responsibility.

Crafting a Travel Nurse-Friendly Lease Agreement

 crafting a travel nurse friendly lease agreement

A well-defined lease agreement protects both you and the tenant. Include details like:

  • Lease Term: 

Clearly outline the lease term, considering a flexible approach with month-to-month options after the initial contract period to cater to travel nurse assignment lengths.

  • Rent and Payment Schedule: 

Specify the monthly rent amount and the preferred payment method (e.g., e-transfer, pre-authorized debit).

  • Security Deposit: 

Determine the amount of the security deposit according to provincial regulations and the conditions for its return upon lease termination.

  • Utilities: 

Define which utilities are included in the rent and which are the tenant’s responsibility.

  • Maintenance and Repairs: 

Outline the responsibilities for routine maintenance and repairs. Consider including a clause requiring the tenant to notify you promptly of any maintenance issues.

  • Subletting: 

Specify whether subletting is permitted and, if so, under what conditions.

  • Pet Policy: 

Clearly state your pet policy, whether pets are allowed, and if so, any restrictions on breed or size.

Listing Your Property on Travel Nurse Houses

Once your property is prepped to meet travel nurse needs, take advantage of platforms like Travel Nurse Houses to reach a wider audience. Here’s a step-by-step guide on listing your property:

1. Create an Account: 

Visit the Travel Nurse Houses website and navigate to the “List Your Place” section. Click the “Sign Up” button to create a new account. You’ll be required to provide basic information like your name, email address, and desired password.

2. Choose a Listing Package: 

After successful account creation, log in to your dashboard. Travel Nurse Houses offers various listing packages to suit your needs. 

  • Single Listing – $99.99 (1 listing)
  • Duo Listing -$180 (2 Listings)
  • Tri Listing – $260 (3 Listings)
  • Quad Listing – $340 (4 listings)
  • Elite Listing – $420 (5 Listings)
  • Extended Listing – $500 (10 Listings)
  • Custom Listing- (more than 10 Listings)

These subscription packages are valid for a year. Explore the available options and select the package that best aligns with your marketing goals and budget.

3. Complete the Property Listing Form: 

Once you’ve chosen a listing package, you’ll be directed to a detailed property listing form. This form will request crucial information about your property, including:

  • Property Address: 

While the exact address won’t be publicly displayed for security reasons, entering the general location is essential.

  • Property Type: 

Specify the property type (e.g., house, apartment, condo).

  • Number of Bedrooms and Bathrooms: 

Indicate the number of bedrooms and bathrooms available in the unit.

  • Description: 

Craft a compelling description highlighting the property’s key features and amenities that cater to travel nurses (e.g., furnished, utilities included, high-speed internet).

  • Photos: 

Upload high-quality photos showcasing the property’s interior and exterior in a clear and inviting manner.

  • Pricing: 

Set a competitive rent price for your property.

  • Availability: 

Indicate your property’s availability dates to ensure travel nurses can easily identify suitable rental periods.

4. Verification and Booking: 

After submitting the completed form, Travel Nurse Houses will review your listing for accuracy and adherence to their platform guidelines. Once approved, your property will be live on their website, viewable by travel nurses seeking accommodation. Travel Nurse Houses uses a secure booking system, allowing you to connect directly with interested tenants and manage the rental process efficiently.

Travel Nurse Houses Contact Information

For any questions or concerns regarding the listing process or Travel Nurse Houses’ services, feel free to reach out to their support team directly via email at

Building a Positive Relationship with Travel Nurse Tenants

Building a Positive Relationship with Travel Nurse Tenants

While a well-defined lease agreement provides a foundation, fostering a positive relationship with your travel nurse tenants goes a long way in ensuring a smooth rental experience. Here are some tips:

  • Be Responsive: 

Maintain clear communication channels and address any questions or concerns promptly.

  • Offer Flexibility: 

Be understanding of schedule adjustments or unforeseen circumstances that may impact rent payments.

  • Respect Privacy: 

Recognize that the property serves as a temporary home for the travel nurse. Respect their privacy while remaining available for assistance.

Additional Considerations for Renting to Travel Nurses

  • Tax Implications: 

Familiarize yourself with the tax implications of renting your property to travel nurses. In Canada, the income you earn is considered rental income and may be subject to taxes. Consult with a tax professional for specific guidance.

  • Insurance: 

Ensure you have appropriate landlord insurance coverage to protect your property and its contents in case of unforeseen events.


Renting your property to travel nurses in Canada can be a rewarding experience. By understanding their needs, preparing your property accordingly, and employing effective marketing strategies, you can attract reliable tenants and generate steady income. Remember, clear communication, flexibility, and fostering a positive relationship with your tenants will contribute significantly to a successful rental experience.

Bonus: Travel Nurse Housing Resources

bonus resources

For further insights and resources on renting your property to travel nurses, consider exploring the following resources:

  • Travel Nurse Houses Help Center: Travel Nurse Houses Help Center offers a wealth of information on various aspects of travel nurse housing.
  • Canadian Nursing Association: Canadian Nursing Association provides updates and information on the Canadian healthcare system and the nursing profession. 

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