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August 22, 2023

Top 10 Cities in Canada with the Best Housing Options for Travel Nurses

When considering travel nurse assignments in Canada, it’s important to explore cities that offer attractive housing options. To help you in your search, we have compiled a list of the top 10 cities in Canada with the best housing options for travel nurses. These cities provide a strong balance between available nursing jobs and various housing choices, making them appealing destinations for travel nurses looking for fulfilling careers and comfortable living arrangements. Whether you’re seeking professional growth, a sense of community, or simply a pleasant experience, these cities offer a combination of work and living environments that cater to your needs.

1. Toronto, Ontario:

cities with the best housing options for travel nurses in Canada

Leading in the top 10 cities in Canada with the best housing options for travel nurses is Toronto. Renowned for its world-class healthcare institutions and cutting-edge medical facilities, Toronto stands out as a prime destination for travel nurses seeking exceptional opportunities. This bustling metropolis not only offers a myriad of career prospects but also presents a rich tapestry of housing choices. From sleek and modern apartments to the convenience of condos and the cozy allure of townhouses, Toronto ensures that travel nurses have a spectrum of living options to suit their individual needs. 

Toronto’s allure lies in its vibrant cultural scene and a kaleidoscope of diverse neighborhoods. Each pocket of the city possesses a unique character and ambiance. From the artistic vibe of Queen Street West to the historic charm of The Distillery District, Toronto. The city encapsulates a fusion of modernity and tradition, ensuring that off-duty moments are as rewarding as professional endeavors.

2. Vancouver, British Columbia:

best housing options for travel nurses in Canada

Closely following Toronto on the list of top 10 cities in Canada with the best housing options for travel nurses is Vancouver. Bolstered by its prestigious healthcare institutions, Vancouver beckons travel nurses with a compelling blend of natural beauty and professional promise. This coastal gem of a city not only opens doors to renowned healthcare facilities but also unveils a diverse array of housing choices. From the sleek convenience of apartments to the tranquil allure of waterfront properties that embrace the ocean. Vancouver seamlessly integrates work and leisure in a harmonious tapestry.

Furthermore, for those inclined towards a more serene living experience, suburban homes offer a sanctuary away from the city’s pulse. Beyond its physical offerings, Vancouver’s allure lies in the symphony of outdoor recreational opportunities that its surrounding landscapes offer. Be it hiking in the North Shore Mountains or strolling along the picturesque Stanley Park Seawall. Embracing a lifestyle that oscillates between urban vibrancy and natural serenity, Vancouver entices travel nurses with an experience that extends well beyond the professional realm.

3. Calgary, Alberta:

top 10 cities in canada with the best housing options for travel nurses

Third on the list of top 10 cities in Canada with the best housing options for travel nurses is Calgary. With its robust and flourishing healthcare sector, Calgary stands as a magnetic draw for travel nurses. Coupled with this professional allure is the city’s distinct advantage in the realm of housing options, a feature that enhances its appeal even further. Notably, Calgary’s relatively affordable housing market offers a practical advantage. This Canadian gem presents a versatile blend of living choices, accommodating a range of preferences. From the modern convenience of apartments situated within the city’s dynamic heart to the inviting tranquility of townhouses that offer a more intimate living experience, Calgary caters to the diverse tastes of its residents.

For those seeking a touch of traditional suburban living, single-family homes provide a space of retreat. Calgary’s warm community spirit and access to outdoor recreation add layers of enrichment to the travel nurse experience. Thus, the synergy between Calgary’s burgeoning healthcare domain and its housing diversity creates an appealing narrative that beckons travel nurses to explore and thrive within its embrace.

4. Ottawa, Ontario:

cities with the best housing options for travel nurses

Ottawa radiates a distinctive blend of prestige and promise that resonates with travel nurses seeking exceptional opportunities. The city presents an inviting canvas for those embarking on a travel nurse journey. A pivotal facet of this allure lies in Ottawa’s healthcare landscape.

Complementing this professional landscape is Ottawa’s unparalleled quality of life, which serves as a cornerstone of the city’s appeal. Beyond the realm of work, the city’s cultural richness and abundance of recreational offerings provide a harmonious backdrop to the travel nurse experience. It’s a city rich with iconic landmarks like Parliament Hill, the National Gallery of Canada, and the Rideau Canal.

Ottawa’s identity as both a thriving capital and a nurturing community creates a tapestry of opportunities for travel nurses. It’s a city where work and life intertwine seamlessly, and where the range of housing options is a reflection of the city’s commitment to catering to diverse needs. Embracing Ottawa means embracing a journey that marries excellence in healthcare with the beauty of living.

5. Edmonton, Alberta:

cities in canada and housing options for travel nurses

Renowned for its steadfast commitment to a robust healthcare system, Edmonton emerges as a beacon for travel nurses. Within the realm of healthcare, the city’s reputation as a hub of excellence underscores the potential for professional advancement and the acquisition of valuable skills.

Beyond its healthcare prowess, Edmonton’s appeal extends to the realm of housing, where a spectrum of options awaits travel nurses. The city’s urban landscape offers a dynamic juxtaposition, with downtown apartments that place nurses at the heart of vibrant city life. These living spaces not only provide convenience but also serve as a gateway to the city’s cultural scene.

For those inclined toward a more tranquil living experience, Edmonton offers a tapestry of family-friendly neighborhoods that host single-family homes. These residential enclaves promise not only a sense of community but also the space and amenities that cater to the needs of those embarking on their travel nurse journey with loved ones.

Edmonton’s identity as a city of contrasts lends itself to an enriching experience, where work and leisure coalesce in harmony. The intersection of healthcare excellence and housing diversity mirrors the ethos of the city itself.

6. Montreal, Quebec:

top 10 cities in canada for travel nurses seeking accomodation

Montreal, a city brimming with vibrant energy and cultural diversity, offers an exciting destination for travel nurses seeking a multifaceted experience. Its thriving arts scene and dynamic city life create an engaging backdrop for travel nurses. Renowned healthcare institutions provide a platform for skill enhancement and lasting contributions to the city’s healthcare landscape.

Montreal’s neighborhoods offer various housing options that cater to different preferences, from the convenience of apartments to the charm of townhouses. The city’s historic buildings also add character to its housing landscape. Montreal encapsulates a narrative of urban vibrancy, exceptional healthcare, and diverse housing.

7. Halifax, Nova Scotia:

Halifax emerges as an enchanting canvas that beckons travel nurses with its coastal charm. This city creates a dynamic environment that resonates with those in pursuit of both professional excellence and personal enrichment.

At the heart of Halifax’s allure lies its esteemed healthcare facilities. Travel nurses stepping onto this stage are met with opportunities to elevate their skills and contribute to a healthcare landscape that values progress and quality care.

Beyond its reputation in healthcare, Halifax’s housing offerings paint a diverse picture that caters to varied preferences. The city’s downtown landscape is adorned with apartments that provide the convenience of urban living. Here, nurses can immerse themselves in the vibrant arts scene, explore local culinary delights, and engage with the city’s dynamic pulse.

8. Winnipeg, Manitoba:

Situated at the heart of the Canadian prairies, Winnipeg emerges as an alluring prospect for travel nurses. Winnipeg offers an enticing blend of affordability, healthcare excellence, and diverse housing options. The city’s reputation for a reasonable cost of living  allows travel nurses to make the most of their assignments without undue financial strain. The city’s commitment to healthcare innovation ensures that travel nurses are met with opportunities for professional growth and personal fulfillment.

Winnipeg’s housing market offers a spectrum of choices that cater to the unique needs and preferences of travel nurses. The convenience of apartments grants travel nurses easy access to urban amenities and the vibrant cultural scene. Townhouses offer a harmonious blend of urban living and a sense of community, ideal for those seeking a balanced experience. For travel nurses with  a desire for more space, single-family homes provide a comforting retreat.

Winnipeg stands as a city that invites travel nurses to contribute to its healthcare fabric and immerse themselves in its dynamic blend of opportunities and experiences.

9. Victoria, British Columbia:

Victoria emerges as a captivating destination that provides exceptional healthcare opportunities. This unique blend of attributes positions Victoria as a haven for travel nurses.

The city’s tranquil island rhythm becomes an integral part of the travel nurse experience, offering a respite from the hurried pace of mainland life. Against this backdrop, Victoria’s reputation for healthcare excellence adds a layer of promise to the journey. Victoria’s healthcare landscape extends an invitation for travel nurses to contribute their expertise to a community that values their impact.

Victoria’s housing scene echoes the city’s charm, catering to a diverse range of preferences. Waterfront properties stand as a testament to the city’s close relationship with the ocean. This grants residents a front-row seat to captivating views and serene surroundings. Apartments in the heart of the city provide urban amenities and cultural treasures. Meanwhile, suburban homes offer a slice of respite for those desiring a more tranquil retreat, seamlessly intertwining suburban comfort with island beauty.

Travel nurses who embark on their journey here find themselves not just in a new work environment but also immersed in a lifestyle that encapsulates the spirit of Victoria’s island charm and vibrant opportunities.

10. Quebec City, Quebec:

cities in canada where travel nurses can get the best housing options

Quebec City’s rich historical legacy and timeless ambiance make it a captivating destination for travel nurses. Its cobblestone streets, charming architecture, and vibrant festivals contribute to a unique cultural experience. The city’s commitment to world-class healthcare institutions reflects its dedication to progress and quality care. This offers travel nurses a space to hone their skills while contributing to enhanced healthcare delivery. Beyond healthcare, Quebec City’s UNESCO World Heritage Site historic district allows nurses to immerse themselves in the city’s past. Alternatively, modern condos in the city center provide access to contemporary living and dynamic urban experiences. Quebec City weaves history, healthcare, and housing into a captivating narrative, leaving a lasting impact on both personal and professional lives of travel nurses.

When selecting a city from the list of top 10 cities in Canada with the best housing options for travel nurses, it’s important to make an informed decision based on various factors. Consider job availability in your field, evaluate the cost of living, and take into account your personal preferences and lifestyle. Research the specific housing market of each city to understand the types of housing available and their affordability. By thoroughly exploring these aspects, you can choose a city that aligns with your career goals, financial considerations, and overall comfort, ensuring a rewarding and well-balanced travel nurse experience.

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