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August 1, 2023

Top 5 Housing Sites Ideal for Travel Nurses Seeking Quality Accommodations.

Travel nursing is a unique profession that allows nurses to take their skills on exciting journeys across the country.  However, securing suitable housing for each new assignment can be a stressful endeavor. With various options available, such as company-provided housing or housing stipends, travel nurses often find themselves overwhelmed with the task of finding accommodation. To ease the process, online housing sites for travel nurses come to the rescue. These platforms offer a convenient way to explore different housing options that cater specifically to the needs of travel nurses. Whether you have a housing stipend from your company or need to arrange housing independently, these websites can be invaluable resources. In this article, we will present a list of the top 5 housing sites for travel nurses. We would also provide guidance on how to utilize them effectively. Let’s delve into the world of hassle-free housing hunting for travel nurses!

Top 5 Housing Sites for Travel Nurses.

1. Travel Nurse Houses:

best travel nurse housing site

Travel Nurse Houses Canada is a premier housing platform founded to cater specifically to the unique housing needs of healthcare professionals on temporary assignments in Canada. This platfrom ensure a seamless house hunting experience by connecting property owners directly to travel nurses and other professionals. The site stands out for its commitment to transparency, affordability, and a seamless search process. With an extensive database of fully furnished properties, personalized customer support, and a thriving community of travel nurses, Travel Nurse Houses is the go-to choice for hassle-free and comfortable housing during your assignments in Canada.


2. Furnished Finder:

travel nurse housing sites

For travel nurses in Canada seeking short-term rentals, Furnished Finder has become a preferred housing site due to its specialization in this area. The platform offers a wide range of fully furnished properties, including apartments, condos, and houses, ensuring a smooth and stress-free relocation process for travel nurses.

What sets Furnished Finder apart is its emphasis on transparency and affordability. Each listing provides detailed property information, clear pricing, and no hidden fees. The user-friendly interface allows you to input specific parameters, such as location and rental duration, to receive tailored housing options. With verified hosts ensuring safety and security during your stay, Furnished Finder ensures a reliable and trustworthy experience for travel nurses.

3. Travel Nurse Housing:

travel nurse housing sites

A trusted and go-to platform for travel nurses, Travel Nurse Housing collaborates with reputable property owners and landlords to offer safe and secure living arrangements across various Canadian cities. Their personalized customer service is a key strength, providing dedicated support throughout the housing search and relocation process.

Travel Nurse Housing’s commitment to thorough vetting of property owners and landlords instills confidence among users, guaranteeing reputable and reliable accommodations. The platform prioritizes matching travel nurses with housing options that align with their specific assignments, thanks to its user-friendly interface and search filters. With Travel Nurse Housing’s support, travel nurses can focus on their core responsibilities, providing exceptional patient care and immersing themselves in new communities with peace of mind.

4. Airbnb

travel nurse housing sites

The history of Airbnb began in 2007. Co-founders Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia rented out air mattresses in their living room during a design conference. Their success led them to create a platform called “AirBed & Breakfast,” which later became Airbnb. In 2009, the company officially launched, connecting hosts with travelers seeking unique accommodations. Despite facing challenges, Airbnb’s commitment to innovation allowed it to grow globally. They introduced features like “Experiences” and made a successful IPO in 2020. Today, Airbnb remains a leading platform, offering millions of listings worldwide and revolutionizing travel and home-sharing experiences.

5. The Gypsy Nurse:

travel nurse housing sites

The Gypsy Nurse is not just a housing platform; it’s a dynamic online community designed exclusively for travel nurses. Founded by travel nurses themselves, the platform understands the unique needs and challenges of the profession. Gypsy Nurse serves as a virtual hub, allowing travel nurses to connect, share experiences, and exchange valuable insights, fostering a sense of camaraderie and mutual assistance.

The active and engaged community of nurses on Gypsy Nurse freely shares housing tips, advice, and reviews, providing unparalleled guidance for making housing decisions. Beyond housing, the platform offers valuable resources to navigate the complexities of travel nursing, including contract negotiations and licensing requirements. Gypsy Nurse uplifts the travel nursing community by fostering open communication and shared experiences, creating a network of like-minded individuals always ready to offer support and guidance.

As a travel nurse, having a reliable and efficient housing platform is crucial to ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience during your assignments. Each of the top five housing sites for travel nurses offers unique strengths, tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether you prefer fully furnished properties, transparent pricing, personalized customer support, or a supportive community, these platforms have got you covered.

Remember, embarking on travel nursing assignments is a rewarding adventure, and finding the perfect home away from home shouldn’t be an added stress. Utilize these online housing sites effectively, and embark on your journeys with confidence, knowing you have reliable allies in securing comfortable accommodations during your travel nursing assignments.

Renting out Your Property to Travel Nurses

Renting out your property to travel nurses can be a lucrative and rewarding venture. It not only provides you with extra income but also offers travel nurses a comfortable and convenient housing option during their assignments. To effectively rent your property to travel nurses, consider the following strategies:

1. Utilize online platforms:

Renting your property to travel nurses can be made simple by leveraging popular platforms. These include Travel Nurse Houses, Furnished Finder, Travel Nurse Housing and Gypsy Nurse. These user-friendly websites enable you to showcase your property and connect with potential renters effortlessly. You have the flexibility to set your preferred rental rates and availability while directly engaging with interested renters to address any inquiries they may have.

2. Establish a Comprehensive Rental Agreement:

Create a detailed rental agreement outlining all terms and conditions, including rental rates, security deposit requirements, house rules, and any specific restrictions. This ensures transparency and a smooth rental experience for both you and the travel nurses.

3. Explore Local Advertising Options:

To attract travel nurses to your rental property, consider utilizing local advertising channels. You can place advertisements in local newspapers or post flyers on community bulletin boards to showcase your rental listing. Collaborating with a local real estate agent can also prove beneficial in finding suitable renters and efficiently managing your property. These strategies will expand your reach and increase the chances of finding the perfect tenant for your rental home.

4. Forge Relationships with Nearby Hospitals:

Create strong relationships with hospitals and medical centers in your area to make travel nurses aware of your rental property. Reach out to these healthcare facilities and let them know about your available accommodations tailored for travel nurses. By networking with local hospitals, you increase the chances of receiving referrals. Also, it becomes easy to attract nurses in search of temporary housing. Building connections with medical institutions is a valuable strategy for a consistent stream of rental inquiries.

To successfully rent your property to travel nurses, transparency and clear communication are key. Having a comprehensive rental agreement that outlines all terms, including rental rates, security deposit requirements, and rules, is essential. By providing a comfortable and accommodating rental experience, you can attract more travel nurses and ensure a steady rental income. Creating a positive landlord-tenant relationship is vital, and a well-defined rental agreement helps both parties understand their responsibilities during the rental period. Offering a welcoming and inviting space makes your property a desirable option for travel nurses seeking temporary housing for their assignments.

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Source: Jesse Vasquez

Say goodbye to housing worries in travel nursing! With a plethora of user-friendly housing sites catering to travel nurses, finding great accommodation options has never been easier. If you’re eager to embark on new travel nursing adventures, start exploring our featured properties now!

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