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February 13, 2024

Housing Options for Nurses in Chilliwack

Welcome to Chilliwack, BC, a vibrant city nestled in the Fraser Valley, offering stunning landscapes, a friendly community, and a thriving healthcare system. As a nurse, you’ll play a vital role in caring for Chilliwack’s residents, and finding the right accommodation is crucial to feeling settled and thriving in your new home. This guide explores various housing options for nurses in Chilliwack, catering to different budgets, lifestyles, and preferences. Whether you’re a travel nurse seeking a temporary haven or a permanent resident looking for a place to call your own, we’ve got you covered.

Short-Term Housing Solutions:

  • Travel Nurse Houses:

    Platforms like Travel Nurse Houses offer furnished apartments specifically designed for travel nurses, often with flexible leases and utilities included. Enjoy comfortable spaces with private bedrooms, convenient amenities, and a sense of community among fellow healthcare professionals.

  • Airbnb & Vacation Rentals:

    Consider short-term rentals through platforms like Airbnb for a more homey feel. Explore options in different neighborhoods to find one that suits your preferences, from bustling downtown to serene mountainside retreats.

  • Extended Stay Hotels:

    For a hassle-free option, explore extended stay hotels. These offer weekly or monthly rates, basic amenities, and on-site laundry facilities, ideal for a quick transition before finding a permanent home.

Long-Term Housing Options:

  • Apartments & Condominiums:

    Chilliwack boasts a diverse range of apartments and condominiums, offering a variety of sizes, styles, and budgets. Research neighborhoods like Sardis, Fairfield, or Yarrowtown, each with distinct personalities and proximity to amenities.

  • Townhouses & Single-Family Homes:

    For more space and privacy, consider townhouses or single-family homes. Explore areas like Promontory or Greendale for a quieter atmosphere and easy access to nature.

  • House Sharing:

    Sharing a house with fellow nurses can be a cost-effective option, fostering a sense of community and shared responsibility. Facebook groups can help connect you with compatible roommates.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Accommodation:

  • Budget:

    Prioritize your budget and explore options within your financial comfort zone. Remember to factor in additional costs like utilities, parking, and internet.

  • Location:

    Consider your proximity to your workplace, desired amenities (groceries, shops, restaurants, parks), and commute time. Public transportation options like buses and the Chilliwack Community Shuttle can be helpful.

  • Amenities:

    Assess the importance of amenities like laundry facilities, in-unit gyms, pet-friendliness, and access to outdoor spaces.

  • Lease Duration:

    Choose a lease duration that aligns with your needs, whether it’s a short to  mid term contract for travel nurses or a longer lease for permanent residents.

Bonus Tip:

Utilize online listing platforms like ours to refine your search and connect with landlords or property managers directly. Remember to read reviews and ask questions before making a decision.

Beyond Accommodation: Making Chilliwack Your Home

Finding the right place to live is important, but it’s just the first step. To truly feel at home in Chilliwack, consider exploring what the city has to offer beyond your four walls:

Embracing the Outdoors:

  • Hiking & Adventure:

    Lace up your boots and conquer trails like Bridal Veil Falls, Elk Mountain, or Cheam View Trail. Kayak on Harrison Lake, bike along the Trans Canada Trail, or go whitewater rafting on the Chilliwack River.

  • Parks & Relaxation:

    Unwind at Chilliwack Riverfront Park, wander through Cultus Lake Leeward, or picnic at Townsend Park. Enjoy stunning mountain views and fresh air, perfect for de-stressing after a long shift.

Exploring the City:

  • Downtown Charm:

    Stroll through historic Chilliwack’s downtown core, browsing local shops, art galleries, and cafes. Grab coffee at The Coffeehouse Bistro, enjoy live music at The Roxy, or sample craft beers at Chilliwack River Brewing.

  • Cultural Experiences:

    Immerse yourself in Chilliwack’s diverse cultural scene. Visit the Chilliwack Museum and Archives, explore the Cheam Heritage Park, or attend a multicultural festival like the Chilliwack Sunflower Festival.

  • Foodie Delights:

    From farm-to-table fare at Sardis Station to international cuisine at Fusion 8 Indian Flavour, Chilliwack caters to diverse palates. Enjoy live music and pub fare at The Old Yale Brewery, or treat yourself to fresh seafood at The Boathouse Restaurant.

Community Connection:

  • Volunteer Opportunities:

    Give back to the community by volunteering with organizations like the Chilliwack Community Services or Fraser Valley Regional Library. Connect with like-minded individuals and make a positive impact.

  • Social Groups & Clubs:

    Join clubs or groups aligned with your interests, whether it’s hiking, book clubs, sports teams, or photography groups. Find your tribe and build fulfilling connections.

  • Local Events:

    Immerse yourself in the community spirit by attending festivals, farmers markets, art shows, and live music events throughout the year. Discover something new and celebrate local talents.


  • Network with colleagues:

    Connect with fellow nurses at work, join online forums, or attend professional events to build your network and find support.

  • Embrace self-care:

    Prioritize your well-being with activities you enjoy, whether it’s yoga, meditation, spending time in nature, or catching up with friends.

  • Explore and discover:

    Keep an open mind and explore different areas of Chilliwack. You might find hidden gems and new favorite spots to relax and recharge.

By actively engaging with your community and exploring the city’s offerings, you can build a fulfilling life beyond your work duties and truly make Chilliwack your home.

Resources for Finding your Chilliwack Nursing Community:

While exploring the city and its offerings is enriching, making friends and building a support system can be particularly valuable for nurses. Here are some resources to help you connect with your fellow healthcare professionals and cultivate a sense of belonging in Chilliwack:

Nursing Associations and Groups:

  • British Columbia Nurses’ Union (BCNU):

    Connect with British Columbia Nurses’ Union, your local union for professional support, resources, and networking opportunities.

  • Fraser Health Nurses Forum:

    Engage in online discussions and events specifically for nurses within Fraser Health.

  • Chilliwack Nurses Social Group:

    Find this group on platforms like Facebook to connect with nurses in the area for social gatherings, outings, and informal support.

Online Communities and Forums:

  • Reddit – r/chilliwack:

    Join the online community forum for discussions, recommendations, and connecting with local residents, including nurses.

  • Chilliwack Facebook Groups:

    Explore various Facebook groups focused on specific interests or activities within Chilliwack, such as “Chilliwack Foodies” or “Chilliwack Hiking & Outdoor Adventures,” to meet people with shared passions.

  • Nursing-Specific Online Groups:

    Numerous online groups cater to nurses across Canada and globally. Search for groups on Facebook, LinkedIn, or dedicated online platforms to connect with fellow nurses, share experiences, and seek advice.

Professional Events and Conferences:

  • Fraser Health Continuing Education Courses:

    Attend workshops and conferences organized by Fraser Health for professional development and networking opportunities.

  • BC Nurses’ Union Conferences and Events:

    Participate in events organized by the BCNU for professional development, advocacy, and connecting with nurses from across the province.

  • Nursing-Specific National and International Conferences:

    Attend conferences dedicated to your specific nursing specialty to learn from experts, meet colleagues from diverse backgrounds, and expand your professional network.

Additional Tips:

  • Be proactive:

    Don’t wait for opportunities to come to you. Explore different avenues, join online groups, and attend events to actively connect with other nurses.

  • Be open-minded:

    Embrace diversity and connect with nurses from different backgrounds and specialties. You can learn from each other and broaden your perspectives.

  • Give back:

    Consider mentoring new nurses or volunteering your expertise within the community. Helping others can be a rewarding way to strengthen your professional network and contribute to the nursing community.

By utilizing these resources and taking an active approach, you can cultivate a supportive and enriching nursing community in Chilliwack, enhancing your overall experience and well-being in your new home.

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Finding the perfect accommodation is just the beginning of your fulfilling journey in Chilliwack. By exploring the city’s stunning landscapes, vibrant downtown, and diverse cultural offerings, you’ll discover hidden gems and build cherished memories. Cultivate a sense of belonging by connecting with fellow nurses through professional networks, online communities, and social events. Remember, self-care and giving back are crucial to your well-being and can further enrich your experience. Embracing Chilliwack’s unique charm and actively engaging with its community will allow you to thrive both professionally and personally, transforming your house into a true home and forging an enriching life beyond the hospital walls. Welcome to Chilliwack, welcome to your new oasis!

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