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February 2, 2024

Furnished Housing in Moncton, NB

Nestled amidst rolling hills and the glistening expanse of the Petitcodiac River, Moncton, New Brunswick, is a city on the rise. With its rich Acadian heritage, burgeoning tech scene, and access to stunning natural beauty, Moncton is attracting visitors and newcomers alike. Whether you’re a temporary resident for work, leisure, or family reasons, finding the perfect accommodation can make or break your experience. This is where furnished housing in Moncton, NB shines, offering a comfortable and convenient alternative to traditional hotels or long-term apartment rentals.

The Allure of Furnished Housing:

Furnished Housing in Moncton, NBFurnished housing provides a complete living space equipped with all the essentials you need to settle in immediately. No more worrying about furniture rentals, hauling boxes, or setting up utilities. Simply step in, unpack your bags, and start enjoying your Moncton adventure. This flexibility is particularly appealing for:

  • Business travelers:

    Executives on short-term assignments can avoid the hassle of hotel stays and maintain a familiar home-like environment.

  • Relocation newcomers:

    New residents can find temporary housing while searching for permanent abodes, easing the transition process.

  • Digital nomads:

    Remote workers seeking a change of scenery can choose from various furnished options, often with dedicated workspaces and high-speed internet.

  • Vacationers:

    Families and groups can experience Moncton’s charm like locals, enjoying spacious living areas and the comforts of a fully equipped kitchen.

Travel Nurse Houses: Your Gateway to Moncton’s Furnished Gems:

furnished housing in Moncton

Finding the perfect furnished accommodation in Moncton can be overwhelming, especially for newcomers. This is where Travel Nurse Houses (TNH) steps in. As a premier online listing platform, TNH curates a diverse selection of furnished properties in Moncton and surrounding areas, catering specifically to the needs of healthcare professionals and travelers alike.

What sets TNH apart?

furnished housing in moncton

  • Extensive Listings:

    TNH boasts a comprehensive database of furnished apartments, condos and houses, catering to various budgets and preferences.

  • Detailed Information:

    Each listing features high-quality photos, virtual tours, detailed descriptions, and amenities lists, ensuring you know exactly what to expect.

  • Flexible Options:

    Choose from short-term stays to long-term leases, depending on your needs.

  • Verified Properties:

    TNH personally verifies each property to guarantee quality and safety.

  • Dedicated Support:

    Their friendly and knowledgeable support team is available to answer your questions and guide you through the booking process.

  • Housing Request:

The housing request feature on the Travel Nurse Houses website simplifies the the housing search process. As             a guest, all you need to do is fill out and submit the housing request form and their support team does the                     ground work to provide you with an accommodation that suits your preferences.

Exploring Moncton’s Furnished Neighborhoods:

With TNH as your guide, you can discover furnished havens in various Moncton neighborhoods, each offering a unique charm:

  • Downtown Moncton:

    Immerse yourself in the city’s vibrant core, steps away from shops, restaurants, and cultural attractions. Find modern furnished apartments overlooking the river or trendy lofts in restored heritage buildings.

  • West End:

    Embrace a family-friendly atmosphere with spacious houses and quiet streets. TNH offers pet-friendly options here, perfect for those traveling with furry companions.

  • Dieppe:

    Experience Acadian culture and stunning coastal views in this neighboring city. TNH connects you with cozy furnished apartments and waterfront condos just minutes from the beach.

Beyond the Accommodation:

TNH goes beyond simply finding you a place to stay. They offer valuable resources and local insights to help you make the most of your Moncton experience. Their blog features recommendations for things to do, hidden gems, and events happening around the city. They also partner with local businesses to offer exclusive discounts to their guests, allowing you to save money and explore Moncton like a pro.

Living the Furnished Life in Moncton:

Choosing furnished housing in Moncton unlocks a world of possibilities. With TNH as your trusted partner, you can find the perfect home away from home, settle in quickly, and focus on creating lasting memories in this dynamic city. From exploring the bustling downtown to picnicking by the river to soaking up the coastal charm, Moncton has something for everyone. So, pack your bags, browse TNH’s diverse listings, and get ready to experience the magic of furnished living in Moncton, New Brunswick.

Points to Note:

  • Consider your budget, desired location, and length of stay when choosing your furnished accommodation.
  • Read reviews and ask questions to ensure the property meets your needs and expectations.
  • Don’t hesitate to reach out to TNH’s friendly team for expert advice and guidance.

With careful planning and the help of TNH, your furnished housing in Moncton can be the springboard for an unforgettable experience in this welcoming and vibrant city.

Finding Sanctuary in Moncton: Testimonials from Guests

Moncton, New Brunswick, with its historic charm and vibrant life, welcomes many travel nurses seeking exciting placements and temporary havens. Finding the perfect home away from home during these journeys can be crucial for rest, rejuvenation, and balance. Luckily, Travel Nurse Houses (TNH) steps in, offering a curated selection of furnished accommodations catering specifically to healthcare professionals’ needs. Let’s hear from three travel nurses who found their Moncton sanctuaries through TNH:

1. Comfort Amidst City Buzz:

Nurse Sarah's testimonial on finding furnished housing with TNH

“As an ER nurse, my days are often intense. Coming home to my TNH apartment overlooking the Petitcodiac River in downtown Moncton felt like stepping into a spa,” shares Sarah, a seasoned travel nurse. “The modern decor, comfy couch, and fully equipped kitchen were my daily dose of calm. Whether I was enjoying a quiet morning coffee on the balcony or whipping up a healthy meal after a long shift, my TNH space was my sanctuary. The location was perfect too, close to shops, restaurants, and even a gym – ideal for those post-shift endorphin boosts!”

2. Family First in Friendly West End:

Olivia with her two kids

“Moving with two young children while on assignment can be daunting,” admits Olivia, a pediatric nurse. “But TNH made it seamless! They found us a spacious house in the quiet West End, complete with a backyard for the kids to play and a cozy living room for family movie nights. The fully stocked kitchen meant no late-night grocery runs, and the washer-dryer saved me precious time. Thanks to TNH, we felt settled and comfortable from day one, allowing us to focus on enjoying Moncton as a family.”

3. Seaside Serenity in Dieppe:

Furnished Housing in Moncton, NB

“I’m a nature lover, and my TNH apartment in Dieppe was pure bliss,” says Emily, a mental health nurse. “Right by the beach, it felt like a breath of fresh air every time I stepped outside. The furnished balcony became my yoga sanctuary, offering stunning ocean views and calming sounds of the waves. The apartment itself was cozy and well-equipped, perfect for unwinding after long days at the hospital. It was exactly what I needed to recharge and reconnect with myself.”

These travel nurses’ stories showcase the diverse experiences TNH offers in Moncton. Whether you crave downtown buzz, family-friendly vibes, or seaside serenity, TNH has a furnished haven waiting for you. With its curated options, verified properties, and dedicated support, TNH ensures your Moncton adventure is one filled with comfort, convenience, and peace of mind.

Where can I find furnished apartments in Moncton, NB?

So, pack your scrubs, browse TNH’s listings, and get ready to discover your own Moncton sanctuary – a home away from home that nourishes your spirit and fuels your healthcare journey.

Explore Some Verified Listings in Moncton, NB

Whether you are in search of a furnished apartment, house, condo or private suite, Travel Nurse Houses has got you covered. Take a sneak peak at some of their featured listings in Moncton, New Brunswick. There’s more at the TNH website.




Remember, TNH isn’t just about accommodation; it’s about creating a community of support and understanding for travel nurses and other traveling professionals in Canada. They offer regular events, connect nurses with local resources, and even have a referral program to reward returning travelers. So, choose TNH, choose comfort, choose community, and choose Moncton as your next travel nursing destination.

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